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Clearview Stoves

The Sackstore Clearview Difference

Clearview Stoves are the world industry leaders. Heat and efficiency may be the most important considerations, but view of the fire must follow closely. Clearview Stoves have been designed with exceptionally large and strong glass windows that give an excellent view of the fire. Clearview’s fire-view has to be seen to be believed.Unlike conventional stoves, the Clearview air distribution system means hours of clear fire viewing, without sooting or tarring of the stove windows. Clearview burns mixed fuels, or just coal, without detracting from the wood-burning efficiency.
Clean burning, cleaner chimney, less air pollution.
Clean glass and more lively fire.
More airtight construction.
Doors adjustable to maintain air tightness.
More usable firebox space.
Stainless steel ash pan for easy ash removal.
Seperate wood and coal air controls.
More solid and durable construction.
Firebox refractory lined.
Less fussy on fuel and chimney requirements.
30 day money-back guarantee.
Made in Britain.
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